"The world’s best poker writer does a terrific job preparing everyone from the complete novice to the hometown hero to play better poker."

—Phil Hellmuth Jr., 1989 World Champion,
nine-time title holder, and the all-time
leading money winner at the World Series
of Poker

Andrew N.S. Glazer, “The Poker Pundit”

* Expert tips on how to master the art of bluffing
* Winning strategies for the most popular games, including Texas Hold’em and 7-card Stud
* Idiot-proof techniques for guessing the strength of an opponent's hand


You’re no idiot, of course. You’ve tried your
hand at poker … without a whole lot of luck.
You’re a bad bluffer, a so-so shuffler, and a dunce in the art of knowing when to hold
and when to fold. You’re starting to think success is just not in the cards.

Don’t switch to Go Fish! Bet your chips on
The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Poker—and
get simple strategies that will help you win
big. In this Complete Idiot’s Guide, you get:

* Rules and strategies for the most popular
poker games.
* Winning tips on playing poker online and
in tournaments.
* A foolproof primer on poker etiquette
* A list of poker-related books, websites,
and software.
* Advice on choosing games that suit your
current skill level.


* The differences between home, casino,
and online poker
* The best ways to handle money in a
home game
* Classic poker personality archetypes
—and how to beat them
* How to handle winning and losing streaks
* Competing in satellite and super-satellite
* How to bluff and read bluffs, and read an
opponent’s “gives” or “cues.”
* The nature and history of poker


Andrew N.S. Glazer is broadly known in the poker world as "The Poker Pundit." He has written for virtually every major gaming magazine and website, including
Card Player, Poker Digest, and Casino.com.
In addition, he is the author of Casino Gambling the Smart Way (Career Press). He is widely considered to be the best poker tournament reporter and the only high-visibility writer who has as much writing talent as poker talent.
In 2003 Andy was the technical advisor for the seven very successful World Series of Poker shows that aired on ESPN. He has won many smaller poker tournaments, and has achieved "in the money" or final table appearances in almost every major tournament.


Andres N.S. Glazer, “The Poker Pundit,” has written
a weekly gambling column for one of the nation’s largest
and most respected newspapers, The Detroit Free Press,
since July 1999. He is also the author of Casino Gambling
the Smart Way
(Career Press, 1999). Andy has served as
a columnist and as tournament editor for the world’s lead-
ing poker publication, Card Player Magazine, since 1999.
He has written for virtually every gambling publication
and website of any consequence and has been called
“a poker scholar” by Newsweek magazine.

Known in the industry as “The Poker Pundit” and
considered the world’s leading poker tournament reporter, Andy recently accomplished a rare feat, winning two major international tournaments in four days (the $500 Pot-Limit Hold’em and $1,600 Seven-Card Stud) at the 2004 Australasian Poker Championships. He has won numerous smaller events in games ranging from Omaha eight-or-
better to limit and no-limit hold’em.

Andy has taught gambling and poker seminars for
The Learning Annex in New York, San Francisco,
Los Angeles, and San Diego, and for similar organizations
in other cities. He has also taught extensively outside
the gambling world, teaching legal research and writing at
the Emory University School of Law and at the business
law school at the Georgia State University School of
Business Administration
, and hundreds of classes in test
preparation and paralegal training.

Andy served as gambling technical advisor for the poker
film Stuey and for the television pilot of John Grisham’s
The Client. He also served as a technical advisor to ESPN
for its highly successful seven-part series on the
2003 World Series of Poker. He appeared on
The Discovery Channel broadcasts of both the
1999 and 2000 WSOP. In 2004, he started covering
tournaments on the Internet for www.FinalTablePoker.com

He welcomes reader contact through his website,